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11 May 2020 14:27

To my fellow constitutional countrymen here in Delaware, our governor Gov. Carney has become an outlaw in regards and concerns to his constitutional obligations to the people. He has entered into a compact or conspiracy with the governors of New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, California, Oregon and Washington state, These governors have created a scenario very similar to the scenario that was created before the Civil War here in America, These state Governors are creating a government within our government or a country within our government which is unlawful under the Constitution of the United States of America. Here in the state of Delaware our governor has allowed a political operative from the governor of New York's office to be placed within the Atty. Gen.'s office here in Delaware, in direct violation of the Constitution, prohibiting states from joining in compacts together. Our representatives here in southern Delaware as well-meaning as they are, are either misinformed or incompetent to challenge the governor unlawful acts!

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11 May 2020 14:27

So we the people of Delaware must take it upon ourselves to initiate the impeachment and removal of Gov. Carney from office, for unethical behavior, unbecoming to an elected official, he has violated his oath of office to uphold protect and to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and Delaware. In law there is a saying to know a thing and to be bound to know a thing are equal in law, Gov. Carney is bound to know the Constitution, he has no excuse for breaking the law, the Constitution is the written laws restricting the theft or trespass of our rights and liberties, he has violated the trust of the people, he is fully aware that he has violated his solemn oath to the people of the state of Delaware. Gov. Carney was elected by the people here in Delaware to represent the people here in Delaware, not the governor of New York or all the above-mentioned States throughout the United States. Our representative should have initiated either a recall to remove him from office, or started impeachment proceedings against him. If we allow our state to be drawn into this unlawful compact of these other states we will be assisting in creating A scenario possibly leading to the next Civil War here in America! It is up to us we the people of the state of Delaware to initiate the removal process of Gov. Carney, And any of his conspirators from office immediately! Bill Sharpe.

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11 May 2020 14:28

If you live in Delaware take action!

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11 May 2020 18:05

Sounds like an act of sedition to me

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11 May 2020 18:06

Also can I get some evidence?

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[MS] Foxtrot795
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11 May 2020 18:08

Is there a link to that?

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11 May 2020 18:14


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11 May 2020 22:09


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