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18 May 2020 04:36

I'm not from Nevada but there's some stuff going on there

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02 Jun 2020 08:38

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02 Jun 2020 21:38

did some digging and sounds like it was some sort of anarchist. not confirmed antifa or white supremecy or anything like that but reports say a half hour before the shooting he was seen agitating cops but was told not to do it. then decided to move somewhere else and open fire on the cops. from what i understand he was kitted to the teeth and was killed by police aswell

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04 Jun 2020 03:25


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04 Jun 2020 23:55

Goddamnit what the hell is this..... this is not a good look for us at all

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04 Jun 2020 23:59

Good idea, bad planning

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05 Jun 2020 03:35 edited: 2020-06-05T03:36:02.863+00:00

Double no on that first point, P, but we need to be about defending/returning in kind, not being the aggressors. The truth behind the LARPer calls is that we can't be the ones to start anything.

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