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01 Jun 2020 01:13

any one with a face book that can post that its unconstitutional to have a curfew.

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01 Jun 2020 01:42

During state of emergency it isn't unconstitutional

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01 Jun 2020 02:27

its still is I dont see a if or but in the 1a

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01 Jun 2020 23:13

Anyone in the elpaso Texas area? ANTIFA is supposed to be gathering at Memorial Park. I got family close to the park

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Kyle Chan
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03 Jun 2020 16:28

I am. Sorry i wasnt in here sooner. El paso has been pretty quiet tbh. Just had the one protest that i know of (peaceful other than some rocks through the police station window)

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20 Jun 2020 03:52 edited: 2020-06-20T03:53:53.428+00:00

I'm looking to get in touch with with anyone near the Waco area. If interested drop your Keybase or Threema handle. Thanks!

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20 Jun 2020 22:38

I'll reach out to my friends there

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