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31 May 2020 14:11

Smaller protest, turned into people trying to loot both Walmarts and a best buy in Peoria and I heard police were firing rubber bullets at east Peoria Walmart

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[IN] Minuteman1969
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31 May 2020 14:40

These rioters are sooooo stupid, they dont want justice or else they wouldn't be looting. If they get shot for looting I'll just laugh at them for winning stupid prizes.

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31 May 2020 18:50

@Minuteman1969#2417 same. Wasted energy, it's a shame

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31 May 2020 18:59

Well I guess he left

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31 May 2020 23:58

Only got a couple of pictures, me and one of my unit checked it out. A little bit of rhetoric but mostly positive. Some were in black block and some had police battons and improvised clubs but it dispersed quietly. 2nd to last picture the male holding the mexican flag on the right hand side has one in his belt across his ass. No riot cops or snipers, no K9 units. About a dozen cops, 300-400 people attended. Black lives matter was present but moderate. Cheering when the police chief spoke. Rumor of a night attack on the police station which wont happen. Rumor of small groups meeting later to vandalise city property.

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31 May 2020 23:59

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[SD] WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
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01 Jun 2020 18:57

Rapid city, SD police department confirmed a riot planned tonight. Me and 3-4 others are going to go protect our friends houses as they have children. If anyone else is in the are please DM me.

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02 Jun 2020 03:41

Anyone MKE area? Possible backup needed, threats of looting and arson. Yet unconfirmed however reaching out to see who’s available

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02 Jun 2020 04:33

MKE area?

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02 Jun 2020 05:22


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02 Jun 2020 05:52

O ok

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02 Jun 2020 13:12

Anyone in the Eastern Indiana/Western Ohio area?

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05 Jun 2020 05:26

Gas Mas/k/ has requested me to inform you all that antifa has implanted themselves into the the protesters in Madison Wisconsin

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06 Jun 2020 16:38

Quiet here in NE Missouri

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06 Jun 2020 16:39

It fluctuates but there are about five people with BLM signs on the main drag

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06 Jun 2020 16:39

In the High School’s front lawn

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06 Jun 2020 16:39

No threat, just cringe

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10 Jun 2020 06:45

^ditto in central Nebraska

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10 Jun 2020 06:46

i drop them bottles of water n snacks tho love the enthusiasm they the ones being inspiring asf

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